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Pioneer DMH-1770NEX

Pioneer DMH-1770NEX

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Pioneer piles on the features

Looking for a convenient gateway to entertainment, communication, and much more? Pioneer's DMH-1770NEX digital multimedia receiver delivers the goods to your fingertips with a capacitive 6.8" touchscreen that responds to your touch like a smartphone does. It lets you take advantage of your digital music files, streaming services, and apps, along with song-sculpting tools to help everything sound great. It works with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ for seamless integration with your smartphone, and it lets you take advantage of your digital music files, streaming services, and apps, along with song-sculpting tools to help everything sound great.

Friendly with your phone

With your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone connected to the DMH-1770NEX via USB, you'll gain a variety of apps that are simple to switch between, whether you're using this radio's 6.8" touchscreen or voice control:

  • Android Auto: If connect an Android device, Android Auto integrates the Android platform into your driving experience in a non-distracting way. You'll have voice control access to Google Maps, weather, music, your phone, text messages, plus easy access to many of your favorite apps. Get more info at
  • Apple CarPlay: CarPlay integrates your iPhone® into the driving experience, putting iPhone content at the driver's voice command with minimal distraction. That means easy access to your music library, your phone, messages, navigation, and many third-party streaming music apps, too. Learn more at
  • USB Mirroring: With select Android devices you can see your phone's display on the receiver's screen
  • Phone swapping: If your family includes both iPhone and Android users, you simply plug in the phone you want to use without having to choose a particular input or adjust menu settings for control.
  • Siri Eyes Free: With your compatible iPhone, you can take advantage of Siri Eyes Free functionality with just a touch, using your voice to place calls, select music, hear notifications, add reminders, or even compose and listen to text messages.
  • Google Voice: Android users can employ vocal commands using Google Voice to get stuff done without taking their hands off the wheel.

Ready for satellite radio

SiriusXM satellite radio offers an unparalleled selection of music, news, sports, and entertainment programming that you can enjoy wherever your travels take you. The DMH-1770NEX is SiriusXM-ready®, so all you need is a subscription and a SiriusXM tuner to experience the awesomeness.


Wireless control

Thanks to Bluetooth, this Pioneer features hands-free calling with your compatible phone, plus the ability to wirelessly stream and control music from all the phones in your family. Use Siri Eyes Free voice control, with your compatible iPhone, to place calls, select music, hear notifications, add reminders — even compose and listen to text messages. And don't forget about the included remote control!

Have a viewing party

Add an optional rear-view camera to see what's behind you on this 6.8" touchscreen when you shift into reverse. You can elect to enable parking guide lines with compatible cameras. And when you're parked, the receiver's touchscreen plays video content in bright, clear detail. You can also keep your passengers entertained by sending video from the receiver to a rear-seat screen.

A sonic upgrade

The list of audio controls includes a 13-band graphic equalizer and bass boost, along with built-in high- and low-pass filters. With playback capability of high-res FLAC files up to 192kHz/24-bit, you'll get a sonic improvement that will knock your ears for a loop.

iPod/smartphone note: If you're going to use your iPod or smartphone with this receiver, be sure to check "Details" for compatibility information.

You'll need a wired connection to your parking brake to access settings and other features on this receiver. Your parking brake must be connected and set in order to view video on its screen.

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