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Hertz HCP 5D

Hertz HCP 5D

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Hertz HCP 5d car amplifier, 5 Channels, 1500 W Hertz HCP 5d is a Class D amplifier for front and rear + subwoofer, five channels clear has a wide range of inputs for obtaining the best automatic configuration of each audio source. HCP 5 D is appropriate in a five channel system with subwoofer in a front + rear + sub-sistema using the built-in filters in the front and rear including a circuit amplifier and a low intensity subsonic filter. All the Hertz Compact Power amplifiers are assembled with high-quality components and feature a complete system of crossing and official. The heat dissipation is improved due to the heat is transferred to the radiator, and then dissipated through the side of the amplifier for efficient cooling. In addition, through the use of accessory HRC (Hertz Remote Control), the volume of the subwoofer can be remote controlled with high precision. Connectivity: hi-imput or RCA/Auto On/Off.

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