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Kenwood Excelon Reference DNR1007XR

Kenwood Excelon Reference DNR1007XR

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Kenwood Excelon Reference DNR1007XR: Premium Navigation Receiver with Floating Display

Optimized Product Description:

Embark on your next journey with the Kenwood Excelon Reference DNR1007XR Navigation Receiver, designed to integrate seamlessly into your vehicle's dashboard. This cutting-edge system features a stunning 10.1" HD capacitive touchscreen, known for its "floating" display quality, offering a superior viewing experience from all angles. Ideal for RVs, trucks, and cars alike, this receiver is engineered within a double-DIN chassis for broad compatibility and versatile installation.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • 10.1" High-Definition Display: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals on a large screen, enhancing interaction with your media, maps, and more.
  • Garmin Navigation: Built-in Garmin GPS with detailed maps of North America, providing lane assistance, 3D terrain views, and free 3-year map updates via Garmin Express.
  • Customizable Interface: Tailor your home screen with movable widgets for weather, music, navigation, and other frequently used functions.
  • Smartphone Integration: Supports both wireless and wired connections for Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, ensuring hands-free access and safe operation while on the move.
  • Multimedia Playback: Plays high-resolution audio files from USB, and is compatible with various digital media formats.
  • Enhanced Audio Features: A 13-band parametric equalizer, digital time alignment, and a comprehensive set of sound controls for the audiophile in you.
  • Camera Connectivity: Connect up to four cameras for a full view of your vehicle's surroundings, increasing safety and convenience.
  • iDatalink Maestro Ready: Maintain factory features and gain additional functionality with compatible Maestro modules.

Installation Compatibility:

Please measure your dash opening carefully as the screen dimensions are 10.313" x 7.125". Confirm there is no interference with dash elements, shifters, or other controls before ordering.

In-Depth Navigation and Media Experience:

Navigate confidently with Garmin's renowned GPS technology, and keep your maps up to date without hassle. Customizable widgets and the Kenwood Portal app allow for a personalized touch, ensuring that your most important tools are always at your fingertips.

Connect your smartphone with ease to access voice controls, streaming services, and your favorite apps on the go. Whether you're charging your device or going wireless, the DNR1007XR keeps you connected and in control.

Superior Sound and Expandability:

The receiver is not just about navigation and connectivity; it's also built for exceptional sound quality. With its high-voltage preamp outputs, advanced crossover network, and refined audio components, the DNR1007XR is ready to be the centerpiece of your mobile audio system.

Smart Integration with Your Vehicle:

With iDatalink Maestro modules (sold separately), you can retain your vehicle's original features and gain additional data on the Kenwood touchscreen. Enjoy a seamless interface with factory settings and enhanced vehicle data.

Product Highlights for SEO:

  • Screen Size: Emphasize the large "floating" touchscreen display.
  • Navigation: Highlight the built-in Garmin navigation with free updates.
  • Smartphone Connectivity: Mention wireless and wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities.
  • Audio Quality: Focus on high-res audio support and sound customization features.
  • Vehicle Integration: Talk about iDatalink Maestro compatibility for retaining factory features.
  • Installation Notes: Remind customers to check dash compatibility.

Before you set off on your next road trip, upgrade to the Kenwood Excelon Reference DNR1007XR for an unmatched navigation and multimedia experience. Your journey deserves the excellence of Kenwood's cutting-edge technology.

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